A Passion for The craft


James Andrew Gordon Sutter started learning how to make jewelry at a very young age.

Design was in his blood, and craftsmanship runs in the family. Both of his parents were jewelers.

He started working with metal at the age of 6 when his father encouraged him to make his own dragon statue, after seeing one at a local festival. The dragon turned out looking more like an alligator but it didn't matter much, the flame was lit.  From that day forward, whenever there was a chance, James was in his father's workshop creating.


Over the years his skills improved, his attention to detail enhanced and James began making fine jewelry.  At the age of six he had started carving waxes, and by the age of ten he was casting them with little help other than the enthusiastic supervision of his father.  During the same period James' father started taking him on buying trips to craft, jewelry, gem and gift shows.  Surrounded by raw materials and beautiful design, James was lucky to also have the one-on-one influence of such renowned artists and craftspeople as Steven Kretchmer, Bez Ambar, Paul Klecka, Kyriakos Somos, and many others.

By the time James graduated from the prestigious Williston Northampton School, he was already creating and setting many of his own fine jewelry pieces in 18 and 22 karat gold, with a wide variety of exotic gems.  James decided that he was more interested in creating than anything else, so he went to work his father full time.

In 2004 James and his wife opened their own retail store. Much of the store's success was due to James' ability to make custom wedding bands and engagement rings, but it is in this store where the brand Andrew Gordon emerged. 

The knot is a symbol that intrigued James for as long as he can remember.

Always inspired by patterns, whether in the works of M.C. Escher, the Alhambra, or Celtic knots.  He has a strong Scottish, German, and French Canadian lineage and a love of history, and the knot is rich in meaning and culture. It was the perfect inspiration to launch the line. He loved the way the lines of the knot can move seamlessly into new patterns and designs.

The classic Love Knot Pendant was a huge success in the retail store and in 2014 James decided to focus solely on designing a coherent line. 

The line has grown to much more than a simple love knot. Symbols play a huge role in the development of the line. The paw print and angel wing are a dedication to his beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Carl, who was an ever present fixture in the retail store. The peace sign and the happiness symbol are lighthearted reminders to stay open and present. 

Andrew Gordon Jewelry is a statement about what is important in life. The bond of love, the connection to each other, the strength of heritage and family. 



Good design doesn’t merely fill our lives with beauty combined with function. It tells the story of where we have come from, where we want to go, and who we are right now.
— James Sutter